Come & Try Out Wrestling!
*Kids can join anytime during the season. It's never too late to start!

Mondays & Thursdays
6:45pm-7:45pm Berkley HS Wrestling Room
( No School = No Practice )
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Berkley Panthers Wrestling Club is a Non-Profit Wrestling Club run by volunteer Parents & Coaches. We are a feeder Wrestling program to the Berkley School District Middle School & High School Wrestling Programs. Our club focuses on the fundamentals of Wrestling, Fitness & Fun with competition to be encouraged at middle school & High school levels.
Try Wrestling!

Show up to practices around your schedule. This is a club.  Practices and potential Sunday competitions are not mandatory nor expected. We welcome all kids and families willing to step in our door. 

Practices Start on November 18th
 Mondays & Thursdays 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm
Berkley H. S. Wrestling Room
Enter at Athletic Entrance (Gym Entrance) on Catalpa near Coolidge 

You're invited to come practice with us!
Join Us Anytime!

Club T-Shirt 
with paid-registration by Dec. 5th practice.

Payment of Annual Dues accepted by:

Venmo, Check, Money Order or Paypal 

Please write your wrestler(s) Name(s) on an envelope containing payment please. Checks payable to: "Berkley Wrestling Club"

Annual Dues:

$103  ( Individual Wrestler )

$153  (2+ Wrestlers - Siblings Only)

$53 ( Each Berkley Middle School Wrestler - Anderson & Norup Only) 


Berkley Panthers Wrestling Club - Michigan


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New Wrestling Mat Fund
We have been fundraising for the last 3 years! The club members have been doing a annual Push-up Athon to raise money towards a new wrestling mat! Please help contribute to reach our goal! 

Berkley Panthers Wrestling Club Highlight Video

 "The Art of Wrestling" - Click - Watch on YouTube

YouTube Video

Important Dates:

Push up Athon New Mat Fundraiser TBD

Picture Day Thursday,  Jan. 9th Tentative

You're invited to come 

Practice With Us.


Club Details

Boys and Girls:  Ages 5 to 14 

Practice:  Mondays & Thursdays 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm From November - March (If no school no practice)

Show up to practices around your schedule. This is a club.  Practices and potential Sunday competitions are not mandatory nor expected. We welcome all kids and families willing to step in our door.

Location:  Berkley High School Wrestling Room 
Mondays & Thursdays
Online Club-Registration:  Located on the left side option bar.

Annual Dues :  $103 each wrestler, $153 Two+ wrestlers (Siblings Only)

Berkley School District Middle School Wrestlers         
(Anderson & Norup only) $53 per wrestler.    

Includes: Club T-Shirt 
with paid-registration by Dec. 5th practice.

Practice Information & Attire
Participants are to bring a personal WATER bottle (no sugar drinks, pop, juices etc...) Attire for Practice should be comfortable clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, sweat pants clean athletic shoes or wrestling shoes. If competing, a Headgear for ear protection and a mouth guard for those with braces will be required. Optional: Knee pads. FAQ - An athletic supporter/cup is not used in wrestling and causes more discomfort than protection. Boxer shorts should be avoided. 

Kids & Wrestling

Of all the sports choices a parent and child can make, wrestling is perhaps the best sport for overall *physical development as it involves all muscle groups, and requires the greatest balance of athletic skill. Not only does wrestling improve coordination, speed, agility and intensity, it strengthens virtually all muscle groups from hips, legs, torso and upper body, including neck and grip strength. 

One of the great aspects of wresting is the use of weight classes. It allows kids of all sizes to compete with others on a safer, more equal playing field. Wrestling also demands a level of commitment, focus and discipline that’s unlike many other sports. Because of the characteristics specific to the sport of wrestling, young athletes can expect to develop tenacity, persistence, and skills that carry over into other sports arenas. 

Many parents and wrestlers note individual improvement in other aspects of their life resulting from the discipline and success found through wrestling. Wrestling teaches athletes how to compete. When you watch a game of basketball, football or soccer, you often see young kids on the field taking plays off. In a one on one sport such as wrestling, the athlete is forced by the nature of the activity to engage and compete with the opposition 100% of the time. Wrestling also teaches personal accountability. There is little room for blame when you are the lone participant from your team competing at the time. This can be intimidating at first, but over time becomes liberating. You can lose as a team and win your match, and vice versa. Personal confidence continues to build with each match and flourishes with more experience. 

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to develop student athletes who will excel in the classroom, the sport of wrestling and life. Our goal is to develop individuals who demonstrate the following qualities: character, confidence, commitment, discipline, responsibility, physical fitness, good nutrition, hard work ethic, and lifetime learning/teaching. We also stress the concept of parents and children working and having fun together so that the family may be strengthened in the process.                            

  You're invited to come 

Practice With Us.